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Stuart Kent has blogged about the new features they are planning for DSL Tools in the Visual Studio 2010 timeframe. Of particular interest are:

  • Dsl extensibility. Extend the domain model and behavior for a DSL after it's been deployed, including DSLs shipped by a third party.

  • Readonly. Selectively switch off the ability to edit models and model elements in a designer.

  • Forms-based UI. Easily bind models to winforms and WPF-based forms UI. IMS now implements the necessary databinding interfaces.

  • Modelbus. A new piece of platform to support cross-referencing between models and interaction between designers. This has been one of customers' main requests. This one kind of blows my codeplex project out of the water, which is probably a good thing as I can't find the time to finish it.

  • T4 precompile. Precompile text templates so that they can be deployed for use on machines that do not have VS installed.

Also of interest are the various blog entries on the overlap between DSL and Oslo from Stuart Kent and Keith Short. Personally I think Oslo is a huge step forward for Model-Driven architectures and shows a willingness to provide something useful for developers which does more than simply expand the already disparate tooling.